Tips and Tricks
Getting the most out of your booth  hire…At your event be sure to let your guests know we are there and they can swing past as many times as they like (we are like an all you can eat buffet!).Placing the booth where people can see it will ensure it gets plenty of usage.The layout of your photos is completely up to you and when it comes to graphics, layouts, and other ideas we are dynamite. Imagine it in your wildest dreams, and we can do it!You may want us to match in with your party’s theme – just let us know – we can include balloons or the like in the booth with your guests.Remind your guests that there will be a photo album to sign and you want them to be included.  Great for people that forget a card and/or present!Let your guests know that all of the event photos will be availble on the Web Album and copies can be provided by arrangement.